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Heavy Traffic

Meet Detective Jane Templeton and her partner, Willoughby. They are NYPD detectives and recurring characters in the Fina Fitzgibbons Brooklyn mystery series.

In this scene from Too Quiet in Brooklyn, they’re in heavy traffic. Jane’s driving the few blocks from the victim’s house to the 84th Precinct. This part of the story, even though written in the third person, is told from her point of view.

Willoughby unwrapped the hot dog he’d bought from the vendor on Court Street two blocks ago, Jane pulling over so he could pay the man, losing her momentum and getting caught up in the clog of traffic heading for the bridge.

Not only that, it was his second dog. How could he eat so much and stay so trim. Must be all the bed exercise he got.

Jane imagined Willoughby humping his girl. She’d met her, too. Sharp chick. How could she fall for him? Must like her meat raw. He’d be on top, that’s for sure, and she’d be sweating bullets and moaning underneath and wondering if she could afford the dress she’d seen that afternoon in Saks

Photo: cover, Too Quiet in Brooklyn. Design, Avalon Graphics.

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